To relate the material in Chapter Four, “Perceiving and Believing” to the assigned film. Your paper (3-4 pages) will consist of three sections as follows.  Introduction Paragraph (2 pts.) Briefly summarize the film in five sentences or less. Thinking (6 pts.) What was the event that inspired the film What caused the event What was the response How did different points of view include factual reports, inductive inferences, evaluative judgements

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How did you define the beliefs of each person?

These beliefs led them to certain actions.

What were the antagonists and protagonists of the movie?
Let’s conclude by asking how perception and belief are related to the film. (2 pts.)

Introduction Paragraph: World Trade Center, a biographical drama that was based on events from September 11th 2001 is the basis for the 2006 movie. Two Port Authority employees, John McLoughlin & Will Jimeno are featured in the film. They become trapped underneath rubble when both towers fall. After nearly 24 hours of being trapped, the two Port Authority officers are finally freed with minor injuries. Think about 9/11, the hijacked flight that crashed into New York City’s buildings. The mass destruction caused by the attack resulted in many deaths, including firefighters, officers and first responders, as well as those who were trapped inside the towers. In response to 9/11 President George W Bush declared a “war on terror” which initiated world-wide changes mainly targeting Middle Eastern countries where terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda had been known to exist. Official reports and news media sources can be contradicted by the inductive conclusions made from survivors and others who were there to help with rescue operations. There were many issues to be evaluated, such as the effectiveness of emergency response plans or whether there was enough communication among rescue agencies. Believing: Each person had different views on patriotism and heroism. This perception leads many Americans to respond in different ways. They cheer on the first responders by showing support at home, or volunteer at their local firehouses. There was a split opinion on whether this terrorist attack should be considered an act or war. Others believed it to be a criminal act. Protagonists included John McLoughlin & Will Jimeno specifically but other heroes include first responders like firefighters , police officers & medical personnel who all risked their lives during evacuation & rescue efforts while villains include those responsible for planning & carrying out attacks directly using airplanes full passengers as weapons against innocent civilians .Conclusion: Perception & belief play a huge role in this story since they can drastically alter our understanding & views regarding specific events like 9/11 We must remain open minded when piecing together evidence involving catastrophes such as these so we can form concrete conclusions that will help us understand why these tragedies occur.

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