This question requires you to do research on the Web to prepare a list of five (5) ethical issues concerning cloning and their potential impact on society. Prepare a short paragraph description of each issue and its associated implications for society.

Since the 1970s, cloning has been controversial in science and medicine. Scholars, policymakers and the public have debated the ethical implications of cloning. These ethical concerns regarding cloning are discussed and the potential consequences for society.

  1. Cloned Humans: Concerns are raised about the dignity of human beings. It is a false notion to suggest that humans can be created artificially. This undermines our belief in the value and uniqueness of human life. Cloning might lead to the commodityization of human lives, in which individuals can be created and used as commodities.
  2. Genetic Discrimination. Cloning can lead to genetic discrimination in which individuals who have cloned their DNA may be treated differently based on their genetic makeup. Employers, insurers, or others may discriminate based on an individual’s cloned genetic makeup.
  3. Health risks: Cloning is not yet safe. Cloning has many health hazards. There is always the possibility that you might develop mutations, or any other abnormalities genetically.
  4. Parent-Child Relationships Cloning may affect parent-child relationship. Clones may face pressure to fulfill their donor’s expectations and may not be allowed to develop their own unique identities.
  5. Society Views: Cloning may change society’s views about procreation, and how valuable human life is. Artificial creation may result in a loss of appreciation for the natural processes of reproduction and parenthood, which could lead to an erosion of our respect for life. Cloning might also pose a threat to religious belief systems about life and human participation in it.
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