The purpose of this assignment is to explore a critical concept in nursing.

No. 103 Week 6: Transitions paper

First, choose from one of these topics: Safety, Delegation Prioritization or Caring. You can then search Chamberlain’s library for relevant articles from scholarly journals in nursing. You should ensure that you only trust reliable sources with evidence-based data.

After you’ve found an article you should read through it and make notes about the main points. You will then write a summary and reflection of the article on APA format. You should also include a cover and reference pages, as well as appropriate in-text citations.

Your summary should summarize the key points and their relationship to your chosen topic. Your reflection should include your thoughts, opinions and suggestions about the article’s implications for nursing practice.

Include at least one quote or paraphrased quote in your paper. Both should be cited appropriately in APA format.

Last, ensure your paper is proofread to make sure it’s well-organized and grammatically correct.

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