The Global Action Report on Preterm Birth includes rates and information from multiple countries and provides guidance and interventions on how to prevent preterm birth. Preconception and interconception times are critical to reducing preterm birth. Per WHO (2012, p 45-57) adolescents is a time that pre and interconception care be introduced, not only with intervention that helps to maintain health and nutrition, but to prevent pregnancy in adolescents.

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We are grateful for the valuable information you shared about preterm birth prevention. It’s essential to focus on preconception and interconception care to prevent preterm birth, and the WHO’s Born to Soon report provides comprehensive guidance and interventions on this topic.

It is important to address factors like intimate partner violence and mental health resources as well as chronic diseases such STI transmission, obesity, substance abuse, and chronic health conditions. It is possible to minimize risks and identify possible complications by assessing these issues during pre- and interconception.

It is important to plan for preterm births through active family planning. The right information should be available to women so they can make informed choices about their reproductive health.

This information is essential for health care providers when supporting women in their quest for reproductive health and caring for them. We are grateful for this valuable information.

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