The ethical considerations in health care.

Week 10 benchmark – professional capstone and practicum reflective

1. Autonomy: The right for patients to decide what treatment they want, and how to get it, should be available without coercion.

2. Bebeneficence: Healthcare providers must act in patients’ best interest and do the most for their well-being and health.

3. Non-maleficence: Healthcare providers must not inflict injury or harm on patients by their actions and omissions.

4. Justice: Every patient should be treated with fairness, regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation.

5. Respect for privacy and confidentiality: Medical information about a patient must be kept confidential unless there is a legitimate reason to disclose it (e.g., with a patient’s consent).

Six Truthfulness, honesty and integrity: Providers of health care should give accurate information to their patients. They must also avoid misleading them.

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