The contract negotiations between North Creek Healthcare and the community hospital concluded with an agreement on non-financial (legal) terms. Suggest the most critical element of the contract and the impact to the short-term and long-term operational strategy of a community hospital. Indicate the potential implications to the hospital’s financial targets. 

This contract’s most crucial element would probably be the provisions regarding patient care and safety. It would impact the long-term and short-term operations strategy of any community hospital. It could be a good idea to include strict protocols and guidelines for safety and patient care in the contract. This will help ensure the hospital provides high-quality, regulatory-compliant care. However, if the contract is too restrictive or overly burdensome, it could impede the hospital’s ability to adapt to changing circumstances and provide the best possible care to patients.

In terms of financial targets, a contract that includes strict guidelines and protocols for patient care and safety could increase the hospital’s costs if it requires additional staff or equipment to meet the requirements. This contract could help avoid expensive fines and penalties for failing to comply with regulatory requirements.

A commitment to the health and well-being of the local community was one non-financial factor that North Creek Healthcare could have successfully included in the contract negotiations process. It could be a commitment to community health and wellness, including education campaigns and outreach programs for the local community. It would align the hospital’s interests with the community and help build community trust and support. Additionally, this could result in a positive outcome for the hospital by positively impacting the community and improving the hospital’s reputation.

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