The author of the assigned article, “Shattuck Lecture:

Question 1: the author of the assigned article, “shattuck lecture:

The author of the assigned article, “Shattuck Lecture: A Successful and Sustainable Health System — How to Get There From Here,” outlines three key attributes that are crucial for a successful and sustainable healthcare system: 1) universal coverage, 2) payment reform, and 3) delivery system transformation (Berwick, 2012). Berwick (2012) argues that universal coverage, which can be achieved using a mix of public and private insurance, is the basis of a sustainable system of healthcare. The payment reform process involves moving from a fee per service model to a value-based system. This rewards healthcare providers that improve patient outcomes or reduce costs. Transformation of the delivery system is about improving care coordination across multiple healthcare settings in order to deliver high-quality and efficient care.

Berwick (2012) has several suggestions to ensure that the health system is sustainable, efficient, and effective. He suggests that policymakers be focused on providing affordable primary care for all people to avoid the development of chronic diseases and lower the cost of hospitalizations. Second, he suggests that payment reforms be implemented to encourage providers to provide high-quality, efficient services. To improve coordination and integration between healthcare providers, he recommends that health information technology be invested in. He also emphasizes the importance of forming partnerships with patients, payers and policymakers in order to develop and implement sustainable reforms for healthcare.

To conclude, sustainable healthcare requires universal coverage and payment reform. The policymakers must ensure that primary care is accessible, provide payment reforms that encourage providers to offer high-quality and efficient services, invest in healthcare information technology, foster partnerships among stakeholders, and focus their efforts on providing universal coverage. These are the best recommendations to ensure that healthcare is efficient, sustainable, and works well for all.

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