The Assignment related to this Learning Objective is introduced this week and submitted in Week 10.

Practicum Journal Entry

Date: 02/17/2023

Group Remedy Session Documentation

Date of session: 02/15/2023

Group Members:

  1. Shopper A
  2. Shopper B

Session Objective: To assist group members develop efficient coping abilities for managing nervousness and despair signs.

Session Abstract: Through the session, the group members had been requested to share their experiences associated to nervousness and despair. Each purchasers actively participated within the session and shared their private tales. The group facilitator used cognitive-behavioral remedy methods to assist the purchasers reframe their unfavorable ideas and beliefs.

Shopper A: Shopper A is a 35-year-old male who has a historical past of tension and despair. He reported feeling anxious about his job and relationships. He additionally shared that he has been experiencing issue sleeping and has misplaced his urge for food. Shopper A has been prescribed Sertraline (Zoloft) for his nervousness and despair. Based mostly on DSM-5, the analysis for Shopper A is Generalized Anxiousness Dysfunction (GAD).

Shopper B: Shopper B is a 40-year-old feminine who has a historical past of despair. She reported feeling overwhelmed along with her work and household duties. She additionally shared that she has been feeling drained and has misplaced curiosity in her favourite actions. Shopper B has been prescribed Escitalopram (Lexapro) for her despair. Based mostly on DSM-5, the analysis for Shopper B is Main Depressive Dysfunction (MDD).

Effectiveness of Cognitive Behavioral Remedy: Cognitive behavioral remedy can be efficient for this group because it focuses on altering unfavorable ideas and behaviors. The anticipated outcomes of cognitive-behavioral remedy for this group embody lowered signs of tension and despair, improved coping abilities, and enhanced high quality of life.

Authorized and Moral Implications: As a counselor, I need to be sure that I preserve shopper confidentiality and procure knowledgeable consent from every shopper. I need to additionally pay attention to any potential hurt to the shopper and make applicable referrals if essential.

References: American Psychiatric Affiliation. (2013). Diagnostic and statistical guide of psychological problems (fifth ed.). Creator. Butler, A. C., Chapman, J. E., Forman, E. M., & Beck, A. T. (2006). The empirical standing of cognitive-behavioral remedy: A assessment of meta-analyses. Scientific psychology assessment, 26(1), 17-31. Nationwide Institute of Psychological Well being. (2019). Generalized nervousness dysfunction. Retrieved from being/matters/generalized-anxiety-disorder/index.shtml Nationwide Institute of Psychological Well being. (2019). Main depressive dysfunction. Retrieved from being/matters/major-depressive-disorder/index.shtml

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