Taking into consideration that she is a Roman Catholic nun, what would be the ideal course of patient education as this woman progresses from department to department?

Patient education and psychosocial factors

As a Roman Catholic nun, this patient’s ideal course of education would emphasize the importance of faith and prayer in healthcare. It could encourage the patient to reflect and pray daily, participate in rituals or services that mean something to her, and to also take some time to do so. Additionally, she could be provided with resources such as books or online articles about Catholic teachings & traditions which can help deepen her spiritual connection.

In addition to being educated about the different treatments available, patients should be informed on what care is offered by her medical team as she moves from one department to another. This includes learning about medications ,physical therapies , surgery options, if necessary  as well as any lifestyle modifications which may be beneficial . Education should include explanation of risks/benefits associated with these treatments & how they can improve quality-of-life . In addition ,the nurse should encourage the patient to make informed decisions regarding their treatment plan by providing them with adequate information & answering any questions they may have.

These educations will provide important information that the patient can use to make better decisions about her health. It also allows for open communication between the healthcare provider and patient. By understanding the importance this woman places on faith in regards to her health care journey ,nurses can ensure she receives individualized care that incorporates both physical needs & spiritual wellbeing.

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