Synthesize your self-development in leadership perspective and practice as a result of study in the course. What did you think about leadership coming into the course?

Week 5 post | Seminar In Leadership

This course has helped me greatly in my leadership development and practice. It was difficult for me to grasp many concepts of effective management, such as decision-making and conflict resolution. I didn’t know enough to be prepared for the challenges that may come my way in future endeavours. Thanks to my extensive study of this topic, I am now able both to understand how to best approach any task as well as to spot potential pitfalls.

I was also able to improve my interpersonal skills and lead better by learning about communication techniques and motivation. Additionally, I have gained a better understanding of different organizational structures which has helped me to be able to build successful teams.

I found that analyzing myself from a leadership perspective was a valuable part of this course. It gave me insight on how to become a better manager and also helped me feel more confident in my ability to approach complex problems moving forward.

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