Suggest  one (1) plan that you would use to purchase health insurance for your  organization. Determine the extent to which employee lifestyle choices  and health economics would factor in to your chosen plan. Provide a  rationale for your response.

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One plan that could be used is to work with an insurance broker or consultant who can help assess the organization’s needs and budget, and then provide recommendations for the best insurance plans available. It would include identifying employees that need coverage and their ages. The broker could then compare plans from different insurers and provide recommendations based on the organization’s specific needs and budget.

To some degree, the plan would be affected by employees’ lifestyles and their economic situation. The plan may include extra coverage to cover smoking cessation and preventive care. If the company has an enviable workforce, it might be possible to offer basic coverage in order to lower costs.

A company should aim to have adequate coverage while minimizing costs. A good plan will take into account the organization’s unique needs and the health risks of its employees, and will provide options that balance coverage and cost considerations.

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