Select two relevant and appropriate scholarly articles that address the topic you chose.

Review of Ldr literature | Nursing homework help

The first article selected is “Depressive Symptoms in Pregnancy: An Overview” by Jennifer L. Payne and Catherine M. Stika (2011). This paper gives an overview on the symptoms and treatment of depression during pregnancy. It discusses the implications of untreated depression on women’s health and well-being, as well as their babies’ development. The book also discusses available treatment options such as antidepressant medications and psychotherapy. It emphasizes how each should be tailored to the specific needs of pregnant women.

The second article chosen is “Depression in Older Adults: Detection and Treatment” by Christina J. Williams et al (2019). This article provides a summary of the most common symptoms and signs associated with depression in older adults. It also explains how these can be different from what is seen in younger people due to cognitive or physical changes that occur with age. The paper discusses treatment options available to elderly people suffering from depression. These include medication management and psychotherapy. The paper emphasizes the importance of early diagnosis and treatment for depression in older populations to ensure that their health can be maintained.

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