Select three US companies that are publicly traded.

My first journal entry is about investing in 3 publicly traded US companies. By selecting companies in different industries, I practice good diversification.

  1. Apple (AAPL) is the first company that I’m investing in. Apple (AAPL) is my first investment. It’s one of the most important technology companies worldwide and it has an excellent track record in innovation and financial performance. I am investing $10,000 in Apple.
  2. General Electric is my second investment. GE is a diversified conglomerate, with strong positions in many industries like aviation, health, and energy. I am investing $7,500 in GE.
  3. Ford (F) is the third company that I’m investing in. Ford (F) is an American icon with strong roots in the automobile industry. I am investing $7,500 in Ford.

The number and price of the shares I buy is what I consider buying.

  • Apple Shares at $42.16 Per Share. Invest $9,991.92 in 237 Apple shares
  • General Electric shares at $50.00 each, $7,500 investment
  • Ford 150 Shares at $50.00 Per Share, Invest $7,500

This stock price, dividends and investment amount are all based at the current knowledge cutoff. In the future, prices, dividends or investment amounts could change. You should also note that this scenario is fake and you are not allowed to invest personal money on it.

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