Select one of the community nursing diagnosis from above and develop at least one program goal and two related outcomes. Discuss the rationale for your selection of the priority problem.

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If I were to select one of the community nursing diagnoses mentioned above, it would be “Inadequate health literacy leading to delayed or incorrect treatment”. For this particular problem, a program goal could be “to improve healthcare access and utilization by increasing individuals’ knowledge of available services and resources in their local area”. As for related outcomes, they could include: 1) Increase number of people who are able correctly identify and use appropriate healthcare facilities when needed; 2) Decrease frequency of unnecessary visits due misinterpretation/lack of information.

This priority issue was chosen because of two reasons. First, there has been research that repeatedly shows a correlation between poor health literacy and lower health outcomes in certain groups. Second, a better understanding of local services can decrease disruptions if someone needs specialized care quickly but is not aware of what they are.

Ensuring that all people receive timely care, regardless of socioeconomic status and location is a key step to improving access and usage of healthcare. By making sure individuals are well informed about what options are available them – it allows for more efficient responses when medical issues arise thereby allowing those affected get back on their feet sooner rather than later.

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