Select one area in need of improvement and list the general statistics pertaining to the specific problem. What health resources are currently available to address the problem?

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Mental health access is an area where there are many gaps. The National Institute of Mental Health estimates that approximately one in five Americans will experience some form of mental illness every year. However, just 43% of these individuals are treated for the condition. Nearly 60% of the children between 6 and 17 years old with depression don’t receive any treatment, while nearly 80% of those aged 13 to 18 with severe major depressive disorder are still untreated.

Fortunately there are several resources available to help address this problem including telehealth services which allow patients to connect with providers remotely via video calls or messaging apps as well as increased funding initiatives aimed at providing free or low cost counseling services through community organizations such as schools, churches etc… Also various policy changes enacted recently have made it easier for people obtain necessary medication without high out-of-pocket costs getting way sometimes due inability affording expensive prescriptions here today .. All these efforts contribute toward making sure everyone has access quality care need order manage conditions properly maintain healthy lifestyle going forward into future no matter what particular circumstances present themselves whenever reach out assistance during time need most so act accordingly then moving forward from here today.

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