Select and explain a nursing theory or feminist perspective to guide your clinical practice.

Assignment: practicum – journal entry

Jean Watson’s theory of caring is one I have used to guide my clinical practice. The theory of Caring by Jean Watson focuses on the holistic care approach for patients. It emphasizes the healing power and comfort that comes from caring. This theory also stresses the need to foster a therapeutic relationship between patient and nurse which, in turn, helps create an environment that is safe and secure for patients.

Because it makes an emphasis on dignity, respect and autonomy as well as recognizing that healthcare outcomes are affected by social structures, such gender, race, or gender, this view aligns with feminist thought. The model acknowledges both the need for self-care by nurses and patients. This can be a way to reduce burnout among healthcare workers while improving patient care outcomes. Ultimately utilizing this theory in my practice allows me to provide quality care that takes into account each individual’s needs thus helping to ensure optimal health outcomes for all parties involved.

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