SCENARIO – Lois, who is in the last stages of breast cancer, was recently admitted into a hospice program. Her husband Henry, is relieved to have a hospice nurse come into their home and help with the care of his wife.

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There may be misunderstandings or disagreements regarding end-of life care options and treatments. The hospice nurse and Henry have differing understandings about the objectives of hospice care. Clear and transparent communication is essential to prevent such miscommunications.

Henry and Lois should have discussed her wishes for her final days, such as her treatment plans, goals, and expectations, before she entered the hospice program. Henry will be able to make educated decisions if he understands the goals and purpose of Lois’ hospice care.

There are many ways that hospice programs can better inform the public. They can offer educational materials to the public, including brochures or informational sessions to help increase understanding and awareness of hospice care. The hospice program can also collaborate with health care providers in order to make sure that families and patients receive timely, accurate information on hospice care as well as end-of-life options. To raise awareness about hospice care, hospice programs may engage in outreach activities with the community.

Clear communication is key to avoid miscommunications when providing hospice care. The public can be better informed and have easier access to information on hospice and other end-of-life care options by healthcare professionals, such as hospice programs.

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