Review the public health milestones presented in Box 1.1 and identified and discuss what potentials health successes might be cited in the next decade?

In Box 1.1, the public health milestones are broken down into several areas. These include vaccination, control of tobacco, injury prevention, disease control and vaccines. These milestones are a testament to the improvements in the well-being and health of the population over the past few decades. Here are some examples of health success that may be highlighted in the next decade.

  1. Continued Reduction in Tobacco use: Implementing effective tobacco control strategies, including increasing tobacco taxes, creating smoke-free workplaces and encouraging smokers to quit, could help reduce tobacco-related deaths.
  2. Improvement in Vaccination Coverage
  3. Improved Control of Non-Communicable Diseases. The rising burden of NCDs including cancers, cardiovascular disease and diabetes can be decreased through both policy and programmatic intervention. This includes promoting healthy diets, physical activity and reducing risk factors. It also increases access to treatment and screening.
  4. Telehealth Services Expanded: Telehealth services are becoming more accessible and used in more places, which could improve access to care for rural or remote populations, reduce disparities, and increase health outcomes.
  5. Increased investment in mental Health: Recognizing mental health’s importance could result in more effective programs and policies that will improve mental health, and ultimately the well-being of all people.
  6. Increased focus on environmental health: Recognition of the effects of environmental factors upon health can lead to an increase in investment in environmental health. These measures include measures that reduce environmental pollution and make it easier to access safe, healthy working and living spaces.

These health breakthroughs depend on continuing investment in research, innovation and public health. Collaboration across sectors is also required to tackle the interconnected determinants of our health.

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