Review the literature related to the concept that the group selects (current best practices, positive or negative impact on leadership or health care organizations, etc.)

Nursing: interprof org & sys leadership

A lot of research has been done on the topic of leadership for healthcare organizations. Research has shown that leaders who are effective in communicating and managing change effectively must be good communicators and have interpersonal skills. Additionally, research has shown that having an understanding of the organization’s vision and goals as well as a commitment to quality patient care are key components of being a successful leader in this field.

This topic has also been explored further. It is evident that healthcare leaders who are successful must be able foster cooperation among their team members and promote trust and respect. It is essential that they understand how the changing environment affects their ability and effectiveness to achieve organizational goals. They should also strive to improve their performance by creating systems that measure success. They will achieve optimal results for both their patients and businesses.

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