Review the five solutions to ethical problems described by Zwilling.

Managerial ethics and the workplace

Zwilling offers five ways to solve ethical issues that affect business operations. Firstly, she suggests the importance of understanding a company’s values and behaviours in order to ensure ethical conduct. It involves creating a code of ethics for all employees that is followed and regularly being reviewed. She recommends that employers educate employees on ethical behavior and ways they can help them make better decisions. To better evaluate the effectiveness of their ethics policies, thirdly companies need to seek out expert advice. Zwilling also suggests that companies invest in monitoring systems that can track compliance with ethics codes and identify breaches early rather than later. Zwilling recommends organizations prioritise transparency regarding their internal processes. This will allow them to build trust with stakeholders and promote accountability.

The five options listed above provide useful guidelines to help organizations address common ethical problems. Establishing core values is crucial for setting the expectations of staff. Employee training ensures that everyone fully understands these expectations. External advice is useful in helping to evaluate risk factors. Monitoring systems are also helpful for quickly detecting misconduct before it causes any damage. Finally, transparency can aid in building trust among stakeholders, which can prove valuable when dealing with challenging situations.

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