Review the feedback on the change proposal professional presentation and make required adjustments to the presentation.

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Summary of Capstone Project Change Presentation

My capstone project was to propose an evidence-based intervention which aims at reducing hospital readmissions in patients with heart attack. My proposal was presented to an interprofessional audience made up of stakeholders and leaders. I got valuable feedback which helped improve my presentation.

Prior to my presentation, my mentor suggested I include more detail about the interventions being implemented. She also recommended patient education and medication management. My preceptor suggested to me that I clarify the roles of all members of my healthcare team when implementing the intervention.

I took this feedback into consideration and added details regarding the interventions. This includes the medications to be adjusted as well as the frequency of patient education. The roles of all healthcare staff members including pharmacists, case managers, physicians, and nurses, was also clearly described.

Interprofessionals asked many questions regarding the viability and sustainability of my intervention. The interprofessional audience also gave feedback on the importance of including the family and patient in the intervention, and how to take into account cultural and linguistic differences when educating patients.

My presentation was more effective because I had access to different perspectives, insights and advice that improved my ability to improve it. The feedback and suggestions of the audience helped me make my proposal more relevant and comprehensive to the healthcare environment.

The future I will use the knowledge gained to help me improve my professional practice. This includes seeking out input from stakeholders and interprofessional colleagues, and then incorporating that feedback in my projects and proposals. It will allow me to design more evidence-based, effective interventions which are tailored for the specific needs of patient families.

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