Review community, state, or federal policy evaluation and reflect on the criteria used to measure the effectiveness of the program or policy described.

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Over the years there have been many policies implemented in different areas, including federal, state and community. Each policy has its own set of evaluation criteria. These are some of the common indicators that can be used to evaluate whether these policies or programs have been effective.

  1. Impact: The criterion measures whether the program or policy has had an observable effect on the problem it is meant to solve. The impact criterion is used to evaluate the extent that crime rates have decreased in an area where the policy was intended.
  2. Cost-effectiveness is a criterion that evaluates the value of a policy or program based on its effectiveness and the resources it uses. It basically evaluates the value of the program or policy relative to its costs.
  3. Equity: This criteria considers whether the policy/program has had a just and fair impact on the entire community or population that it is meant to serve. It also includes those people who might have been historically marginalized.
  4. Sustainability: The criterion focuses on whether or not the program or policy will have an ongoing impact beyond initial support or funding. This criterion evaluates the ability to sustain the policy or program over time and the possibility of achieving the same benefits even after it has ended.
  5. Feasibility: The criterion assesses the practicality and feasibility of any policy or program. It takes into account resources available, administrative capacity and political support.

These criteria may not be exhaustive, and they could vary depending on which program or policy is being evaluated. These criteria provide an effective framework to evaluate the effectiveness and help policymakers make educated decisions on whether or not they will continue, modify, terminate, or cease to exist.

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