Research the University of Miami Hospital, in Miami, FL to find out conducted research that involves human participants. If the case, explain, for example, is there an IRB or ethics committee? If so, do they review proposals? 

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Recent years have seen a number of research studies at the University of Miami Hospital that involved human participants. These studies range from clinical trials related to cancer therapies to investigations into the causes and treatments of disorders such as Alzheimer’s Disease. The hospital’s Institutional Review Board must approve all research proposals. This board is responsible for making sure that the proposed activities comply with the institutional ethical guidelines. IRB review all protocol before approval is granted and provides oversight during the entire course of any study.

The hospital has an ethics panel that collaborates with the IRB in evaluating research proposals. The committee helps ensure that proposed activities comply with current policies and considers the potential impact on patients, or any other participants in studies. This committee is essential to ensure that participants are protected and provides valuable insights for health professionals.

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