Research one recent evidence-based practice article about this trauma(suicide) and discuss the findings regarding nursing intervention and practice.

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The findings of an evidence-based research article on nurse interventions to suicide prevention and awareness was recently published. With the goal of understanding nurses’ perceptions about their roles in helping patients who are suicidal, data was collected from nurses working at a major Taiwanese medical center. The results showed that while most nurses knew about the risks associated with suicide and felt confident in their abilities to help, others were unsure or hesitant to act.

While most respondents believed that mental support is important in managing suicide risk, few people had been trained or have regular access to professionals who can help them. Participants believed it was essential to provide clear information regarding available resources and strategies for preventing further crises. However, there are still gaps in the knowledge of nurses about such resources. Participants also reported that they felt confident administering basic life-saving measures such as CPR or AED use in an emergency, but not well equipped to recognize warning signs and avoid potential crises.

Overall these findings suggest that more emphasis needs to be placed on educating hospitals’ nursing staff on best practices when dealing with suicidal individuals and ensuring they have access to appropriate resources when needed. It is recommended that doctors and nurses communicate better about patient care in order to quickly identify people at high risk.

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