Research a KSA healthcare law regulating the industry. Identify the stakeholders affected by the regulation and analyze the role the stakeholders play in the healthcare industry. Assess the regulation’s impact on the quality, cost, and access of healthcare in Saudi Arabia.

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Saudi Arabia’s National Transformation Program 2020 is the only healthcare law that governs this industry. This program promotes the development and maintenance of a cost-effective and high quality healthcare system. This regulation affects patients, providers and insurers as well as employers.

NTP regulations are a key part of the government’s role in setting standards for healthcare delivery. Access to healthcare services is improved for patients. Providers can also benefit by increased training opportunities and the ability to improve their skills. Employers receive incentives to provide health insurance coverage. Insurers have greater control and a better understanding of risk management strategies. The increased demand for healthcare products and services may have an impact on other parties, such as manufacturers.

Overall, the impact of NTP has been positive on Saudi Arabia’s healthcare access and quality. The improved coordination of providers between them has led to more prompt diagnoses and treatment. At the same time, affordability has increased due to lower outgoing expenses for patients seeking medical attention. Access to medical care has been made easier by the availability of more resources, especially for those who were previously in need.

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