Regarding the Pre-TANIC Self-Assessment, how did your perceived competency level prior to the self-assessment compare to after the self-assessment?

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Pre-TANIC Self-Assessment: I thought my nursing competency was moderate before taking this assessment. However, after taking the assessment and receiving my results – it became apparent that there were areas where my knowledge/skill sets were lacking which I had previously been unaware of.

For example; although I had some experience in patient relations & communication strategies – the self-assessment highlighted gaps within these sections which I could work on further. Additionally, understanding how essential teamwork is when providing care allowed me to gain a better appreciation for other members within the unit & also motivated me to develop more collaborative approaches going forward.

Overall then it is evident that undertaking this self-assessment has enabled me to identify strengths/weaknesses within certain areas which will help inform future decisions & guide development plans accordingly. As such, having access to this type of information can be both beneficial & informative – as it allows one an opportunity to assess their current capabilities whilst also providing guidance regarding what needs improving going forwards.

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