Reflect upon your learning in this course and describe in detail how you have met each of the course objectives. 

Module 8: discussion question n494

Each of these course objectives have been met, and I am satisfied with my performance. First, I needed to be able to understand theories and models as well as ethical issues related to nursing practice. Throughout this course, I gained a greater appreciation for the complexity of providing care while also becoming more aware of factors which influence decision making such as organizational policies and legal regulations – ultimately helping me become a more informed practitioner when it comes to patient care.

Second, I wanted to learn how the different systems interacted within healthcare organizations. This was so that nurses could have an effect on patient outcomes and leverage their skills and knowledge appropriately. Particularly, I was able to understand the value of communicating between healthcare professionals to facilitate coordinated care delivery. Additionally, I was able to identify potential areas for improvement and where additional resources might be required.

Finally, I also improved my critical thinking abilities through engaging activities throughout this course which allowed me examine situations from multiple perspectives – thus enabling better analysis in order to come up with creative solutions that would ultimately benefit all stakeholders involved. Overall, these objectives were essential for helping me gain a better understanding about what is required from nurses today in terms of providing quality care – allowing me not only deepen my own knowledge but also become part of larger team focused on improving health outcomes overall.

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