Reflect on a pediatric patient who presented with an eye, ear, nose, or throat disorder during your Practicum experience. Describe your experience in assessing and managing the patient and his or her family. Include details of your “aha” moment in identifying the patient’s disorder and explain how the experience connected your classroom studies to the real-world clinical setting.

Assignment: practicum – journal entry

As part of my practicum, I had to work with a young patient suffering from an upper-respiratory infection (URI). It was a sore throat and congestion. It was my first encounter with a pediatric patient, so it was a bit nerve-wracking.

When the family arrived they were already in distress due to the child’s condition, indicating that this wasn’t their first run-in with URI’s. After discussing their history, I performed a physical exam of the child. It revealed that she had swollen tonsils as well as signs of inflammation which were consistent with bacterial-pharyngitis. As we examined her further, we could also hear rales in both lungs indicating pneumonia; however we couldn’t get an accurate assessment without proper diagnostic tools such as chest x-ray or sputum cultures.

Based on my knowledge of URI management and my assessment results, I was confident that antibiotics would be able to clear her infection in days. This allows for faster recovery than other methods like rest or steam inhalation.

At this point came my “aha” moment when realized how different textbook scenarios were compared to actual clinical settings where there are often numerous variables beyond our control like insufficient supplies or limited staff capabilities that can complicate outcomes even further. This realization led to me realizing that being able adjust treatment plans quickly is critical in order to minimize potential harm and optimize health outcomes, regardless of the situation. All in all working alongside this young patients family allowed me gain invaluable insight into caring for children while helping them find relief from discomfort caused by illnesses like URI’s , something no amount reading papers or lectures can truly prepare anyone for.

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