Provide recommendations for how CSL should develop the required operational capabilities to deliver IT solutions.

Case exersice 2 computer services limited

Computer Services Limited (CSL), a company which has been providing services for human resources software and payroll processing, is now expanding its business. The company’s management is now considering expanding its business model to include IT solutions. CSL will face new operational challenges when it delivers IT solutions. This is in contrast to the way it operated previously, which was limited to providing payroll processing and software for HR.

The main difference between IT services and traditional services is the fact that, while customer meetings may be held in the customers’ offices, conference rooms or other locations, IT solutions require professional technicians to visit the site. They will assist with setup, configuration, and installation. CSL will need to employ additional staff that are not only qualified but certified in specific technologies like cloud computing and cyber security hardware. They also have to ensure these workers have the latest licensing, if necessary. This is in addition to having experience in customer service. It is important to keep in mind that the hiring process for qualified candidates becomes more difficult and essential.

In order for Company Ltd survive rapidly changing market landscape there are few recommendations need take Implementing an appropriate staffing strategy where by additional personnel can hired trained properly meet organizations specific project management requests Additionally they should prioritize identifying areas improvement allowing them monitor operations processes more efficiently Enforcing standardized procedures while also embracing knowledge sharing within departments will enable every team member understand value each persons contribution organization maximize impact projects Allowing employees work independently whenever possible promoting sense trust respect among colleagues make both administration lower level staff feel valued foster better relationships A formularized training program dedicated solely educating new hires practitioners further promote organizational growth Lastly access best available tools technology tried tested result being better equipped handle any technological advances may emerge future In conclusion Computer Services Limited must implement these recommendations its implementation process ensuring effective delivery it solutions place < br>

You will need to read the Chapter 6 case and then write a paper of two to three pages (excluding the title and references), APA style, on these items.

To support your arguments, you should use at least two other scholarly sources in addition to the text.

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