Provide examples for your interviewed nurse as they exhibit teamwork, patient-care, adaptability, time management, communication style, motivation and core values.

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Working in a team: Participating and volunteering at extra duty as necessary; collaboration with healthcare professionals.

Patient Care: Giving patients the best possible care by responding promptly and lovingly to their concerns; advocating for their rights; and discussing their treatment options with them so that they are able to make educated decisions regarding their healthcare.

Ability to adapt: Being able to quickly adjust to changes in care plans or processes due to unanticipated developments.

Time Management: Strategies for managing time efficiently and prioritizing tasks; maintaining precise documentation within set times.

Communicating with others: Effective listening skills and communication style when communicating directly with patients, their families and healthcare professionals regarding plans for care. Communicating important medical information clearly and accurately without losing detail or accuracy.
Motivation: Finding additional opportunities for professional growth through continuing education or certifications in areas of practice. Having a dedication to excellence and focusing both on the individual accomplishments of each member of the organization/team.
Core Values – Respecting the patients by being honest, ethical, professional and respectful at all times.

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