Provide a brief explanation on each of the essentials reflecting on each essential affects the clinical practice and the author’s interpretation of each essential.

It is intended to give a succinct description of the assignment.

Essential 1: “Patient-Centered Care” – This essential emphasizes that patient care should be tailored to the individual needs of each patient and delivered in a manner that is respectful and sensitive to their concerns. This essential stresses that patients should be involved in their care by being culturally competent and engaging them as participants. This essential affects clinical practice by encouraging nurses to take an interdisciplinary approach when developing treatment plans, considering all factors that may influence a patient’s health outcomes. According to the author, this is an important reminder that nurses must ensure each patient gets personalized care during interactions with their healthcare professionals.

Essential 2: “Evidence-Based Practice” – This essential encourages nurses to integrate best available evidence from systematic research into their practice in order to provide optimal healthcare delivery. The essential also emphasizes the importance of nurses staying abreast with advances in medicine and using current literature to make decisions about patient care. The essential is important for clinical practice because it provides a basis on which decisions can be made. It ensures that treatment are based in fact and not just personal opinion. This essential is interpreted by the author as an appeal to nurses to stay informed on all developments in their field, so that they are able make better decisions about patient care and improve overall outcomes.

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