Propose two (2) priority-nursing diagnoses based on the major health risks identified during the risk assessment for the aggregate

As an AI language model, I don’t have access to a specific risk assessment or aggregate to develop a comprehensive nursing care plan. But I am able to give a basic overview about what a nursing plan is and how it should be approached.

A comprehensive nursing care plan includes the identification of the patient’s health problems, the establishment of measurable goals and outcomes, and the development of interventions to achieve those goals. The care plan should be individualized to the patient’s specific needs and preferences.

Before you can begin to develop a nursing care program, it’s important that you identify priority nursing diagnoses. These are based on major health risk identified through the risk assessment. Nursing diagnoses must be precise, specific, quantifiable, realizable, pertinent, time-bound, and relevant (SMART). For example, a nursing diagnosis could be “Risk for impaired physical mobility related to decreased muscle strength and endurance as evidenced by difficulty walking independently.”

Strategies must be created to mitigate the risks associated with the combined diagnosis of nursing. The appropriate nursing intervention includes independent as well dependent nursing actions. There are three types of interventions: cognitive, psychomotor and affective. Examples of nursing interventions for the nursing diagnosis of “Risk for impaired physical mobility” could be “Assist with ambulation using a gait belt,” or “Encourage active range of motion exercises.”

Two journal articles are required to support strategies. Articles should contain evidence-based research supporting the proposed nursing strategies.

A comprehensive nursing plan should include a disaster management strategy. It should include all potential catastrophes such as pandemics or natural disasters. It is important to identify strategies for dealing with at least two of the listed disasters, such as evacuation procedures, emergency communications plans, and medication management. A disaster supply kit should include essential supplies such as water and food.

The process of creating a comprehensive care plan for nursing involves the identification and treatment of priority issues, as well as developing an intervention plan to deal with identified hazards. It should be customized to each individual and supported by research.

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