Problem Scoping. This process establishes clear requirements for creating a viable final solution. It often is initiated by the identification of a need or issue. This part of the problem-solving process focuses on the issue/need by gathering and analyzing information. In other words, you will clearly define what needs to be done prior to creating an effective solution. 

Exercise for Problem Scoring

Need: A low level of health literacy among the population can lead to decreased health and greater healthcare costs.

  1. Find the problem: Low health literacy is a major issue in our community. This leads to lower health outcomes and higher healthcare costs.
  2. Collect Information

a) What does health literacy mean? The ability of an individual to obtain and use basic information regarding their health, as well as the services that are available to them, is known to be health literacy.

b) What can low health literacy lead to? A low level of health literacy could lead to lower health outcomes such as medication errors and increased hospitalizations. It can also result in higher healthcare costs.

c) Who are the most affected by low levels of health literacy? People of all races and ages are affected by low levels of health literacy. However, those with limited education or income are most at risk.

d. What are some contributing factors to low literacy in health care? Low health literacy can be caused by limited access to healthcare and language barriers.

  1. Analyze information: The collected data clearly shows that health literacy is an important problem that impacts many people in the area. There are many factors contributing to the problem that should be addressed in order create a sustainable solution.
  2. Define requirements This solution must be culturally and racially appropriate and accessible to all individuals, of any age and from every race. To ensure its sustainability and long-term effectiveness, it should be cost-effective as well.

Problem scoping, in conclusion is an important step in problem solving. It establishes the requirements necessary to create a solution. We can identify the needs and issues necessary for solving the problem by gathering and analysing the information. This exercise identified low health literacy and gathered data about the consequences, contributing factors and analyzed it to determine the required solutions.

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