Present at least one pivotal legal and historical occurrence that resulted in this shift of public health effort.

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The 1997 passing of The National Health Insurance Act, (NHIA), was a pivotal historical and legal event that led to a change in public health efforts. The National Health Insurance Act (NHIA) in 1997 expanded healthcare access by mandating that all employers provide coverage for employees. It also established a system where all citizens, regardless of their income and employment status could have insurance. As part of the legislation, Medicaid/Medicare was also established. This program provides quality healthcare to low-income persons regardless of their financial ability.

In addition, the NHIA offered incentives to insurance companies and medical providers to cut costs for treatment. This made them more affordable. Some other provisions include the creation of non-profit healthcare organizations to educate patients about preventive care; initiatives that improve nutrition in individuals on federal assistance; and increasing access to family plan services for people who are unable to pay it.

This change allowed Americans across America to access high-quality healthcare services and provided greater financial protection in the event of an injury or illness. The act has revolutionized the way public health systems work and serves as an example of how laws play a vital role in improving overall population health outcomes.

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