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Summary of capstone topic | Nursing homework help.

Capstone project proposal change will address the problem of patient falls in community hospitals. It is one of the most significant problems in healthcare. Falls are also the leading cause for death and injury among older adults. The problem can be observed in the hospital’s daily operations and has a significant impact on the work environment and patient outcomes. Falling can lead to prolonged hospitalizations, higher costs and lower patient satisfaction. Nurses are also directly affected as they need to be more vigilant to prevent falling. This proposal is intended to increase patient safety as well as the quality of staff care.

A multifactorial approach to fall prevention will be implemented. This program includes an assessment of risk, individual care plans, education for staff, patient education and education for families. Regular assessments will be performed to assess the program’s effectiveness and recommend any necessary modifications. Because the proposed intervention falls within the leadership category, it will require the involvement and support of nurses managers and hospital administrators as well as other healthcare professionals.

Patient falls are a major problem in healthcare. A multifactorial fall prevention program has proven effective at reducing them. The proposal’s significance is its potential to improve patient outcomes, reduce healthcare costs, and provide a safer work environment for nursing staff. To ensure its success, the project will need collaboration from hospital administrators, nurses managers and other healthcare professionals.

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