Prepare presentation about any entrepreneur in the world. An example of someone related to the fashion industry.

Presentation about an entrepreneur | Business & Finance homework help

My entrepreneurial inspiration is Elon Musk, the founder and CEO of Tesla Motors, the world’s leading electric vehicle manufacturer. Musk graduated from college and went on to pursue a career as a software engineer before he founded Zip2 Corporation. Zip2 created and sold an online guide to cities for newspapers. Musk was able to build his company despite having difficulties raising capital and competing with established incumbents. After acquiring new wealth, he founded This company went on to be known as PayPal. It revolutionized digital payments around the globe. Tesla Motors is his most ambitious venture to date. Its mission is accelerate sustainable transportation using electric cars and renewable energy sources such as solar panels. Despite multiple near-death experiences due to lack of working capital or extremely tight deadlines set by government regulations (such as when they had to build their own battery production line), Musk has again defied all odds and transformed Tesla into one of today’s most admired companies with a market cap larger than many traditional automakers combined. I find Elon’s tenacity, vision and passion for making a difference in this world extremely inspiring.

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