Prepare an annotated bibliography of scholarly resources used within this course.

Week 7 – assignment: prepare an annotated bibliography of resources

1. Albert, A., & Rogers, E. (2017). The nurse’s role in patient advocacy: A qualitative study of experienced nurses’ perceptions. Nursing Ethics, 24(7), 860–871. doi:10.1177/0969733016684584
This article discusses the importance of advocating on behalf of patients. All nurses should do so to provide optimal healthcare to all individuals, regardless of any conditions or circumstances that may make them vulnerable to insurance companies. This article explores various ways to do this while providing a philosophical perspective that recognizes the emotional aspects of caregiving. It includes ethics, scrutiny and justice healing.

2. Anderson-Pinkston B., et al.(2014). A professional practice model for advancement in nursing education and practice Public Health Nursing 31(3) 256 – 269.
This report discusses many topics in the field of nursing, both as terms for educational gainful employment and generally speaking. It also provides important information about autonomy potential.

3. Carrington D. (2020). Caring to the dying patient: Critical care nurse 40(4): 44-50
The article discusses end-of-life palliative care for terminally ill patients. It focuses on how to provide comfort, assistance and manage pain.

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