Prepare a project requirements matrix, a risk assessment matrix, and a cost breakdown for the Learning Team project.

Project requirements/risk/cost paper | Business & Finance homework help

Project Requirements Matrix

Status | Status
Complete| Complete
Complete| Complete
Project Plan Development | In Progress
Timeline Creation | Pending
Completed| Completed

Risk Assessment Matrix:
Probability of Occurrence Low-High | Probability of Occurrence (Low-High)| Impact (Low-High)  | Mitigation Strategy                                                                                                                                           | Status
Medium | High | Medium | Scheduling regular meetings and providing timely updates on progress     |–In Progress–
Lack of knowledge about subject matter in some team members High Low Allocating tasks to those with the most relevant experience –Pending–

Price Breakdown
Price of the item ($) Total quantity ($)
Research Materials 50 4 200
Travel expenses 100 800
Technology Fees 10 2 20

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