Prepare a plan with specific talking points to meet with your faculty (and practicum mentor if available) regarding the implementation and evaluation of your planned change project.


Hello [Faculty/Practicum Mentor]Please arrange a meeting to talk about the evaluation and implementation of my change project. This project is likely to have a positive impact on our clinic. I’d appreciate an opportunity to talk about my plans and get your feedback.

Talking Points

  1. The introduction to the planned project for change: Give an overview of the project. This includes the goal of the project and what it will accomplish.
  2. The evidence-based approach to support: Discuss how the evidence supports the project. Include any best practices or research that may be available.
  3. Plan for implementation: Describe the plan’s steps, with the timeframe, resources required, and any potential obstacles to its implementation.
  4. Plan for evaluation: Set out the criteria to evaluate the success of your project. Include any metrics you will use to assess the impact and outcome of the changes.
  5. Collaboration and Partnerships: Talk about any partnerships or collaborations that are necessary to make the project a success, as well as any stakeholder that is needed.
  6. Discussing the risks and challenges: Determine and address any potential risks or difficulties associated with your project and create a plan to mitigate them.
  7. Future plans: Share your future plans, including any plans to expand or sustain the project and discuss the possible impact on the clinical environment.


We are grateful that you have considered this project. The potential for this project to be a major impact in the clinical environment is great and I will do my best to ensure its success. Thank you for your time and feedback.

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