Prepare a master production schedule for industrial pumps.

Master production schedule | Business & Finance homework help

1. A forecast is needed to predict the demand for industrial pumps during the next twelve months.

2. Find out the estimated lead time needed to make and deliver each pump. This can vary depending on customer needs and availability of production capacity.

3. Calculate how many pumps are needed to satisfy customer demand for each month. This will take into consideration production capacities, material constraints, and other variables such as the minimum order quantity (MOQ).

4. Based on their complexity and the need for special tools or configurations, estimate labor time required to make each pump batch.

5. If applicable, schedule staff hours for any personnel who are involved in the production or delivery of each batch industrial pumps. This includes assembly line workers as well as supervisors and delivery personnel.
6. Make sure you allocate enough factory space so that each batch can be produced. Also, consider material storage and machine utilization rates.

7 . Create a schedule that outlines exactly when you should place orders for the materials required to produce all industrial pumps in a given month. This is based on lead time from suppliers and any other pertinent parameters set by management.

8 . Create purchase orders or pick tickets to allow suppliers and stockholders to request the appropriate raw materials.

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