Pre-school-aged white female living in a rural community.

As an advanced practice nurse, my communication and interview techniques for building a health history would differ based on each patient’s unique characteristics. Pre-school-aged white woman living in rural communities would be able to use communication techniques appropriate for her age. This could include using visual aids and simple language. To gain a complete understanding of her medical history, I will also include her guardians or parents in the interview.

To target my questions for building a health history, I would consider the patient’s social determinants of health, such as her family background, socio-economic status, and environmental factors. Ask questions about the patient’s nutrition, exercise and sleeping habits as well as any environmental hazards.

Denver II Developmental Screening Test would suit this patient. This test is designed to identify developmental delays in infants and young children. This patient could be exposed to lead due to her environment and age. She may also have inadequate access to healthy food and healthcare resources.

The following targeted questions will help me build a history of my health:

  1. What number of hours sleep your child gets each night?
  2. What is the average daily food intake of your child?
  3. Is your child experiencing developmental delays, or difficulty reaching developmental milestones in their development?
  4. Have you noticed any changes in your child’s behavior or mood recently?
  5. Have you noticed any environmental hazards in your home or community that could affect your child’s health?

For this patient to communicate effectively, I will use a calm and soothing tone and play-based techniques. Visual aids such as photos or toys would be helpful in helping her to understand and speak freely.

In conclusion, by targeting questions based on the patient’s unique characteristics and using appropriate communication techniques, as well as utilizing risk assessment instruments like the Denver II Developmental Screening Test, I can gather a comprehensive health history for this pre-school-aged white female patient and identify potential health-related risks.

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