Post the key functional area(s) of nursing informatics relevant to your current position or to a position you recently held, and briefly describe why this area(s) is relevant. Identify the TIGER competencies you selected as essential to your functional area(s) in which you need improvement. Describe why these competencies are necessary and outline a plan for developing these competencies. Include any resources that are available to you within your organization and the ways you might access those resources. Assess how developing nursing informatics competencies would increase your effectiveness as a nurse.

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A key function of nursing informatics is clinical decision-support. This area can apply to many positions. Clinical decision support is the use of data and information systems in order to improve clinical decision making and patient outcomes. Because of its potential to increase patient safety and quality, this area can be relevant for many jobs.

Data analysis and management would be the TIGER skills I consider essential to my area of expertise. Because they enable me to access patient data, and then make clinical decisions on the basis of that data, I consider management and data analysis essential. Because I can access patient data in real time, clinical information systems are crucial for patient care.

These competencies can be developed by following relevant education and training programs within the organization. To further my understanding of this topic, I will also look for online resources such as webinars or online courses. Mentorships with nurses experienced in nursing informatics would be a great option.

These competencies will increase my effectiveness and efficiency as a nurse. They improve my ability make informed clinical decisions and give me real-time information about patients. It also increases my abilities to use technology and data to improve patient outcomes.


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