Post a description of a group therapy session with older adults, including the stage of the group, any resistances or issues that were present, and therapeutic techniques used by the facilitator. Explain any challenges that may occur when working with this group.

Therapy group for older adults

My group therapy session was designed for 55-year-olds. The group was short-term and focused on the issues of loneliness, isolation, and other social effects that resulted from the pandemic. For social distancing purposes, each person was given their own hand soap.

There was some resistance at the beginning as people were afraid to talk about their situation. To help break the ice, I asked each person to share something positive they’ve experienced lately which helped create an atmosphere of openness and trust. Then, we discussed the social distancing issues that had caused us to miss out on important events and not be able to visit family members.

Reflective listening was a technique I employed to help everyone feel heard. When necessary, I encouraged them to stay in the present moment by encouraging mindfulness techniques like deep breathing and relaxation. Even though there was initial resistance, all the participants seemed to be comfortable and open to having a conversation at the end of each session.

Because of its vulnerability, working with the population in this way can present some challenges. It is important that facilitators establish a sense of safety from the beginning to ensure that everyone feels safe enough to express their feelings without being judged.

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