Post a brief explanation of the psychological disorder presented and the decision steps you applied in completing the interactive piece for the psychological disorder.

Treatment of psychological disorders requires that you make informed decisions

An interactive process was completed for a psychological disorder. The client had symptoms such as guilt, sadness and trouble sleeping. The DSM-5 decision steps were followed. I first confirmed that the client had all the criteria of Major Depressive Disorder, based upon their symptoms and signs. I then considered any possible coexisting conditions such as Alcohol Use Disorder or Anxiety disorders to ensure they were not contributing to the client’s mental health issues. The next step was to determine if certain medications were appropriate in this case. I also discussed the potential side effects with my client before making an educated decision on which medication would best suit them. The final step was creating a treatment program that combined pharmacological and psychotherapy interventions to deal with the root causes of depression. I also helped my patient to learn to manage their feelings and cope better.

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