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The statement was completely correct. Through various education opportunities, nurses must stay abreast of the latest scientific and technological developments in their field. It includes academic training, program-based human resources development and continuing education.

Nursing can be an educator, helping to educate and train other professionals in health, their clients and their families. Because each generation is different in their learning style, priorities, and values, it’s important to acknowledge the effects of generational differences in nursing. These differences are important for nurses to be able to communicate effectively and teach strategies that will improve their patient care.

Generation X, on the other hand, may choose a less structured environment for learning. For Millennials, learning may come from experimentation and practical experiences. Recognizing and adapting these differences can make nurses more welcoming and productive in helping all generations learn.

It is important to understand generational differences within nursing in order for nurses to communicate effectively, collaborate, and, ultimately, improve patient outcomes.

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