Please discuss your leadership skills with both interprofessional and inter-professional teams to support changes in nursing, and healthcare, at your place of employment. How have you used those skills as the leader and change agent for your DNP Project? 

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My leadership abilities as a healthcare professional have allowed me to collaborate effectively with interprofessional and intra-professional teams. My communication skills are excellent. I’m able to communicate ideas concisely and open to receiving feedback from others to help ensure we all reach consensus. Aside from my positive outlook and organizational skills, I have the ability to foster an environment conducive for productivity and promote a sense of enthusiasm.

This is how I applied these skills to lead and implement change projects within my job. This was my DNP-student project. I managed to use these skills to help improve the safety of our patients. I had to work with many stakeholders, including nurses, doctors, and administrators, in order for me to create protocols that could be used across departments. Through this process I was able demonstrate communication skills as well as offer guidance about how to best implement changes that will allow them to take effect quickly and without delay.

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