Please describe the nursing and inter-professional teams that operate in this facility/on this unit. Can you provide an example of a nursing practice that has been changed in the last year based on current best evidence? What do you consider your biggest challenge? What do you love most about your job? Why did you choose this job? What other kinds of nursing/other job did you ever do? How would you describe your company’s culture? How would you describe your role in admission and staffing decisions? What is your leadership style? * If you are employed in a large healthcare facility that has more than one location, you may interview the nurse leader in that organization with prior permission from your instructor. The purpose of this is to get you out of your organization and explore other nursing leadership roles than you might be familiar with. At least 1200 wordsand 2 references for any citations.


The healthcare industry has a crucial role for nurse leaders. They oversee the provision of high-quality patient care and ensure that the nursing team is functioning well. I was able to shadow an experienced nurse leader, who held a position as a senior nursing officer in the organization. My shadow was the Director of Nursing at XYZ Hospital. It is a 300-bed acute hospital in a large metropolitan area in the United States. This report will give an overview of how I shadowed the nurse leader, and discuss what makes a great nurse leader.

Shadowing Experience

I was able to spend ten hours with the nurse leader. This included watching her work and interfacing with other health professionals. She was warm and welcoming and took the time to clarify her responsibilities and duties. First, I was impressed by her ability communicate well with her staff. The nurses were able to reach her easily with any concerns they had.

The nurse leader allowed me to view several practices in nursing that have been modified over the past year, based upon current best evidence. The use of electronic medical record (EMRs) for patient documentation was an example. A new EMR system was recently installed at the hospital, which allowed nurses to record patient care real-time. This helped improve accuracy and speed up the transmission of information. He also talked about how difficult it was to implement new technology within healthcare environments and what training is necessary for employees.

The interview I had with the nurse manager was one of the best parts of my entire experience. The interview was very interesting because I prepared several questions ahead of the meeting and got insightful responses to each one. She spoke about her roles in the hospital, how she leads, her management style and her approach to admissions and staffing. Her biggest struggles, culture and most current health issues were also discussed.

A great nurse leader is a person who possesses the following qualities

I identified these qualities based on my observation of the nurse leader, and from interviews.

  1. A nurse leader must be able to communicate clearly. A positive working environment is created by effective communication. It fosters trust among colleagues and allows them to achieve a common goal.
  2. Excellent Leadership Skills: Strong leadership skills are essential for a nurse leader. These include the ability to lead, motivate, assign responsibilities and take tough decisions.
  3. Expert: An excellent nurse leader must be knowledgeable about the basics of healthcare policy and practice. These skills allow the nurse leader make better decisions and guide their team.
  4. Comppassionate: A nurse leader must be compassionate. Great nurse leaders should have the ability to connect with patients and their families, and offer support for team members in difficult situations.
  5. Innovation: It is crucial to improve patient care as well as nursing practice. The best nurse leaders are open to learning new ways to enhance patient care and will be willing to experiment with new technology and procedures.


My experience as a shadow nurse leader at XYZ Hospital has been insightful and instructive. It was an amazing experience to see the leadership role of nurses in acute care facilities and learn about the characteristics that make great leaders. Great nurse leaders are able to demonstrate great communication skills and leadership abilities. They also have the capacity for compassion and innovation. These qualities are essential for nursing students to develop in order to be effective nurses leaders.

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