Pick 3 social determinants of health and explain how these contribute to the increased incidence and prevalence and poor outcomes.

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The three most important social determinants for health that increase the incidence and severity of poor outcomes include access to healthcare and education.

Quality healthcare is essential for maintaining good health. It can help you recover quickly from an injury or illness. Inadequate access can lead to higher rates of mortality as well as an increase in the chance for developing chronic conditions. People without health insurance are less likely to be able get pre-treatment to detect any potential problems before they develop into more severe ones.

The education level is an important factor in determining overall health. Higher education leads to better paying jobs and greater accessibility to other resources, such as food or housing. Additionally, being informed about one’s health through educational programs or classes can help individuals make healthier lifestyle choices thus reducing their risk for certain illnesses or conditions.

Poverty has been shown to have negative effects on both mental and physical health. This is due to the direct relationship between poverty and insufficient access to resources, such as inadequate housing, food insecurity, poor sanitation, high levels of pollution in areas, etc. All of these factors increase vulnerability in those most affected by economic inequality. These issues can be addressed by working together so that all people have equal opportunities to attain good health, regardless of their income or backgrounds.

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