Outline the five steps under the HIPAA privacy rule to ensure patient information is protected while registering the patient.

Pediatric data and assessment | Maternal Child Care | Rasmussen College System

1. Create internal policies and procedures. Develop privacy policies to address collection, use storage, disclosure, and retention of protected health information (PHI).

2. Staff members should be trained: Make sure that all staff know their responsibilities in handling PHI. Ensure staff receives ongoing training to keep them current with security developments.

3. Protect patient data. PHI should be kept in secure filing cabinets and computer systems that can only be accessed through authorized personnel. If you don’t need the information, it is best to shred all papers and electronic copies.

4. Keep patient confidentiality confidential: Patients must sign a written authorization before they share their PHI to anyone for anything other than the provision of health services and billing.

Five Monitor Patient Data Access regularly. You can use audit trails and tracking tools to check who has what data at all times, and then adjust security protocols as needed.

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