Offer and support an additional quality indicator applicable to your colleague’s specialty of interest.

#4: Discussion Response #2 to Week 4: Quality indicators in specialty area areas

A quality indicator applicable to my colleague’s specialty of interest (geriatric care) would be patient satisfaction. A decline in function can lead to a higher risk for developing chronic diseases or require long-term support services. Geriatric caregivers must be able to provide services that are tailored for each patient and also offer support and resources to their families. These goals can be met by measuring patient satisfaction and providing valuable feedback on areas that could use improvement.

You can do this by asking patients to complete surveys after hospital visits so that providers have a better understanding of their feelings about how they feel. Additionally, collecting information from family members or other individuals involved in a person’s healthcare can provide additional perspectives which may otherwise not be gathered if only relying on direct feedback from patients. This type of information is essential for improving geriatric health care. Healthcare professionals can better assess what methods work best for their patients, thereby ensuring the highest quality outcomes.

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